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Multi-Engine Flight Training

RidgeAir BASE FLIGHT TRAINING (Blenheim) offers professional Advanced Flight Training in our Cessna 402C or Piper Seneca IV.

Our Aircraft are equipped with the most modern Auto Pilots, Radar, GPS and Avionics, capable of the latest Performance Based Navigation. (PBN).

Multi-Engine Flight Training with RidgeAir BASE FLIGHT TRAINING (Blenheim) is on a one-on-one basis with your highly experienced Instructor who have both GA and Airline backgrounds.

 Aircraft Multi Engine Flight Training

Upgrade your license to mutli-engine operation. We offer initial multi-engine flight training from our base at Woodbourne Airport, Blenheim.

 Multi Engine Type Ratings

Require Type Rating on our aircraft - We can help!.

Type Ratings available are:

  • Piper Seneca IV
  • Cessna 402C

Type Ratings include all technical briefings, flights and certification.

 Instrument Flight Training

Initial Instrument Flight Training is available to qualifying students.

We specialise in Instrument Flight Training Renewals, Refreshers and NavAid upgrades.

If you require an Instrument Rating renewal, we have the equipment, aircraft and experience to get you through, with the best result, in the least time.

We are close to a number of the country's major airports, and can offer refresher or upgrade training on the following NavAids and procedures: ILS, VOR, DME, NDB, RNAV/GNSS

 Multi Crew Ops

From a training perspective the RidgeAir BASE FLIGHT TRAINING (Blenheim) Fixed Wing Fleet are fitted with the latest in avionics equipment and Auto Pilot, permitting the same functionality as would be found on larger more sophisticated aircraft.

Flight Training with RidgeAir BASE FLIGHT TRAINING (Blenheim) gives you the best opportunity to operate to an Airline standard and with our Captains Airline experience, we can offer the very best in Multi Crew CRM Flight Training.

  • Understand two crew operations
  • Challenge and response
  • Check list philosophy
  • Scan/flow techniques
  • Standard phraseologies used in Airlines

Experience the difference when preparing for that first Airline Interview and Simulator Check Ride.

 Performance Based Navigation PBN/RNP RNAV/GNSS

We provide structured Ground Theory Courses in accordance with the CAA NZ PBN/RNAV/GNSS syllabus.

  • Group courses
  • Individual courses

Inflight Training is provided using our Piper Seneca IV.

  • Garmin 530W
  • KFC 150 FD/AP (coupled)
  • Radar equipped

Subsequent training in the Cessna 402C is also available if required.

  • Garmin 430W
  • STEC 55X (coupled)
  • EX500 MFD
  • Radar equipped

We can provide inflight testing through our association with FlightTest NZ and are close to all facilities to ensure the best value is delivered.


Like to know more?  Call or email us today:
t: 0800 743 432 or


Like to know more? Call or email us today:
t: 0800 743 432 or


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Flight Training and Instrument Ratings

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Multi Engine Type Ratings

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Instrument Flight Training

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Performance Based Navigation PBN/RNP RNAV/GNSS

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